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REME officers’ dinner Wrexham November 26th 2016

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We went down well at REME Wrexham under the guidance of Captain Cross–the table banging, clapping & singing made it a joy for us to perform & the Colonoel’s personal compliments & request for Vivaldi clinched the feel good factor–a great nite for us. THEN PAUL CROSS sent this —
‘Thank you to Carlton Ensemble for making a special night into an outstanding one for us all but in particular Lt Col D Harris on his Dine Out. Throughout the evening, they played a wide selection from classical to up to date music and even played a few favourites of the CO’s or mine; I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Winter. They also played the REME Corps March…Lilliburlero which erupted into clapping and table banging as did quite a few other tunes they played! You were perfect throughout, hope you enjoyed it as much as we do! I cannot recommend these enough.’

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