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David Topham’s Funeral Service@ St. Mary’s , Bowdon, October 1st, 2021

In 41 years, perhaps our most poignant, memorable & involved performance. Many thanks for having us for David’s Farewell 10 years after your wedding. Never to be forgotten x Thank you Marie-Claire.
from Marie-Claire –
‘I cannot begin to explain to you the difference that you made to what will be (unless Clara goes) the worst day of my life. I have been able to rest easy knowing he would have enjoyed the music more than anything else, as he did at the wedding!
You were so supportive and the performance was as usual, spectacular. I’m sorry it took me a few days, the rain and the aftermath of the day have made it a grey October. I hope next time we are in touch it is a less sorrowful occasion. I think you are a most intriguing, engaging and honest woman, I am so glad it was you.’

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