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When my husband and I first started to plan our wedding, the biggest thing I wanted was a string quartet. So to find the string quartet that includes the violin teacher I had as a child was incredible. What a lovely group of people you all are. This was high up on my absolute favourite moments of our wedding day and I am so grateful to you all for your beautiful music. Absolutely made the day for me. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you all so much. I loved it .’ Ta Vikki- –and from us the best ever tepee tent do–a field day indeed !

We were absolutely delighted.You were a huge hit with everyone there.People found the Rick Astley & Thong Song hilarious!

Gillian & John’s wonderful wedding service was aced by Father Paul Shaw whose wit, fun & amazing slant on everything brought life and love to us all-signed with care by Fay, ‘ancient’ leader of the veteran musicians ! AND he also reserved us 2 parking slots

Yes it poured, it was damp, we were sheltered but wet, wet ,wet and it was still glorious for Matt & Miriam’s wedding at home. Unforgettable, cold but FUN ! Stay healthy and in touch !

180 guests, Chinese Tea Ceremony, lots of sweeties and very helpful staff at Yang Sing in Manchester City Centre.They heard us in January 2020, had to postpone from July 11th,2020 to July 31st, 2021–& all went swimmingly. Stay happy & healthy together x

A long-planned event for Georgia & Will Thompson’s wedding. He’s now 33 years old and we first played 12 years ago for his 21st at his home ! Just lovely–them, the guests and the venue too!

Lovely day , lovely bride, lovely parents, less efficient wedding co-ordinator!

From Dad Ian John–Thanks for Saturday-you were all perfect. I don’t think you got the signals we talked about & planned.

I couldn’t get what  I & you wanted through to the wedding co-ordinator. Not very happy with him-the guests were still in the

bar at 14.00 & I had to rush down & begin to tell people to start talking their seats. Thanks again Ian & Bev.

Absolutely incredible from you guys—I couldn’t have asked for better.

Thank you so much xxx

20 years after playing for his 40th birthday party, music buff Geoff Abell & Jo had us back at their Marple home to entertain 6 family members for his 60th. He had arranged & composed tunes to be performed, fed us like royalty & provided a pergola second to none. NEVER  in 40 years have we experienced such a privilege, welcome & immersion in an event none of us will ever forget. Thanks for your hospitality, enthusiasm -& for your generosity & for welcoming us back into your home & garden  .

from Geoff=An absolute pleasure to have you playing for us today. Very different personalities that played well together and meshed well.  I loved you being here and your interaction with my family and friends.  And you did indulge me!


An early start over the hills to Rotherham Hosptial for a morning birthday tea party & the opening of

Rotherham Hosptial’s Wellbeing Garden for Staff. Damian Staples saw to our every need & the weather stayed dry till we’d finished,

A most pleasing if early start to the week and ta so much to our lovely team including local Rotherham fiddle Hannah. Defo worth

the lovely trek