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Our first 2022 wedding at pristine Eaves Hall for Feoff and Sandra, a bride up for entering to

Darth Vader PLUS Gabriel’s Oboe ! Fab guests, great musical taste-we had a ball-& matched the

colour scheme to a T ! x

Once again another wonderful Christmas Eve at the Metropolitan-Mel x

Home, eaten and relaxing!
Thank you to all your wonderful and talented troupe!   Every single resident, tenant and care staff loved it!   Something for everyone with a nice nod to classical snips!  So appropriate Fay, thank you!   Judy K was thrilled, so important for me to give her beautiful days.  Will book a lovely Spring concert. from Angela Luckett Activities co-ordinator
Best ever  Seniors’ singing–a delight !

Michael’s & Lisa’s wedding breakfast at Iberica, Leeds was wonderful and fun. At last a couple and guests who

wanted and loved classical music–HOORAY xxxx great food, pace, guests and staff=worth crossing the Pennines !

Good  luck both of you-ta for having us

It was a pleasant surprise for all our guests having you there. We all enjoyed your playing & organising it was more than worthwhile-thank you again’… Michael and Lisa


Wonderful weather for a November wedding at Nunsmere for

Gabriell and  Andy- and a lot of moving around  too but groomsman Joseph was fab–ta all x

Robyn’s late arrival meant that we could do our stuff for an extra 35 minutes & serenade the guests.

She looked gorgeous & the crowd & family were really lovely

Thank you so much for the music at our wedding last weekend – many guests found me to say how much they had enjoyed it. I especially liked the ceremony music and the ‘Nightingale Sang…’ afterwards – it was one of the first pieces that my youngest son played in a musical soiree at school. It was a pleasure to see my parents dancing to it.
Lovely to play & have the bride’s parents up & on the floor to dance -memorable & so near home too !

A wonderfully helpful venue manager made all the difference to loading in & guess what–he actually thought
our multi=generational team today were all family members!!!! Good luck Robinsons & manager Michael–it was our pleasure.

We were a surprise for Kelvin’s bride who really had no clue we’d be there !Up on the village hall stage there was plenty to play
the great music Kelvin had selected. Thanks for having us !
Kelvin added,’You really contributed to the day & everyone commented on your lovely sound.’

In 41 years, perhaps our most poignant, memorable & involved performance. Many thanks for having us for David’s Farewell 10 years after your wedding. Never to be forgotten x Thank you Marie-Claire.
from Marie-Claire –
‘I cannot begin to explain to you the difference that you made to what will be (unless Clara goes) the worst day of my life. I have been able to rest easy knowing he would have enjoyed the music more than anything else, as he did at the wedding!
You were so supportive and the performance was as usual, spectacular. I’m sorry it took me a few days, the rain and the aftermath of the day have made it a grey October. I hope next time we are in touch it is a less sorrowful occasion. I think you are a most intriguing, engaging and honest woman, I am so glad it was you.’