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It may have been cold & rainy outside but the atmosphere at Harriet’s wonderful wedding was fab.

A really really pretty, friendly wedding at Mitton Hall attended by great staff & loads of chatty guests. Lauren’s dress was superb and guess what, we wore the same outfits as last Saturday too !
This just arrived -ust a quick email to say a big thank you to you all for the music. You were amazing and everyone enjoyed it!

Lauren & Charles xxx

Delightful, tasteful & not many brides opt for a short, stylish grey silk wedding dress do they–but Sarah did. Matt promised a few tears & kept his word during a beautiful warm ceremony . The musical choices ranged from Couperin to Guns ‘n Roses. A chilly yet sunny day –we hope to see you both again xxxx
This just arrived from Matt’s parents-so lovely–he was last Saturday’s groom -‘Good afternoon – as Matthew’s parents we were at his wedding last Saturday and were so
pleased that he and Sarah had booked you to play at the wedding. They may have contacted you separately but we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your music. Many memories are associated with music and you added another layer to our enjoyment of a wonderful day. Thank you again. …Frances and Ian Smith

Onstage @ Chester Town Hall for the farewell dinner for Royal Engineers 75 Regiment’s Commanding Officer. Ta  Wes, Patrick & Dave for your support-not often we play for guys in spurs ! We’re glad you recognised our rendition of your marching song ‘Wings’. ‘

A wonderfully warn family atmosphere at Louise & James’ wedding. Her little girl was over the  moon to have a new Daddy & Charlotte from Crabwall Manor was fantasticv to work with.Great stuff mopre please 

Rick Myers booked us ages agofor this wonderful 50th Anniversary Dinner for Autism Together & despite Friday traffic we all were ready to go very early on. Lovely people. Brilliant cause–and they liked classical music too ! Mind you Gabriel’s Oboe and Bohemian Rhapsody seemed well received too, Look forward to hearing how much was made on the nite. The Carlton Ensemble performed at our 50th Anniversary Ball at the Shankly Hotel in Liverpool. They were extremely professional and extremely good! The flute adds another dimension to the music and makes them stand out from other string quartets. Their repertoire is comprehensive and covers everything from modern to classical. The group dressed to suit our colour theme, red and gold, and were happy to take requests from the guests.

Many of the guests made a point of telling me how much they enjoyed the performance, I am would definitely book them again for a similar event and I can happily recommend them with absolute confidence.

I’ve found you ! What an amazing night! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are very special . It was perfect . The music and the quartet were exceptionaIv found you ! What an amazing night! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are very special . It was perfect . The music and the quartet were exceptional. Perfect for any occasion . Wish we could of had you longer …next time ! Soon ! 👌❤❤❤👏👏👏l. Perfect for any occasion . Wish we could of had you longer …next time ! Soon ! 👌❤❤❤👏👏👏


Utterly utterly special and delightful for us to surprise and play for Barry’s 50th last night . Anna his wife is a doll and their daughter Kate too – a Bake Off finalist. Mind you anyone who gets no reaction from Scousers shouldn’t do the job and this family joined in from the first note we played. THANK YOU so much for welcoming us into your home . Neither have we played to 11 days old twins before. A short but very sweet gig which entailed 79 texts to sort ! I hope we ‘ll maintain contact by phone in future Anna😎


Karen Sitek wanted a celebration of her life so Tony had us play for a 200 throng at this lovely pub in Yorkshire. It was beautiful –but poignant &  without soundman Dave a non-starter -so ta Dave too. The MI behaved on the  way there–not so hot returning but that’s fine. I hope we did Karen justice and Tony thanks for letting us perform for her –and thanks Alive Network too !

from Dave Medley–soundman

Great gig yesterday, spoke at length to Tony after you’d left and he was over the moon with your performance. Very interesting one for me as the over the shoulder mic technique worried me a bit as I hadn’t done it before.
Thanks to all performers for a pleasantly relaxed gig as well, I’m glad the sound was to your liking particularly as I didn’t have time to do instrument soundchecks properly……on the fly again!

Lovely , long wedding at Shrigley Hall under the guidance of lovely, lucky Luciano we’ve known over 25 years !  The groom’s amazing choice of mainly CLASSICAL music for a change kept us going & guests were most friendly.  Good luck you two–thanks for having us

Probably one of our string quartet & flute’s most memorable C of E wedding services in almost 38 years here in Greater Manchester. Family & Friends were involved , beautiful classical & light pieces were chosen–we had a burst of applause for Rossini’s William Tell Overture !–& Darren’s 11 years old daughter gave a lovely rendition of 1000 years by Christina Perri. Then it was off to the White Hart Lydgate where, playing just inside the dining area’s french windows we were warmer than the guests . Wedding ceremony, reception & lovely people & staff–a great start and thanks for having us over in Oldham –good health and good luck