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Awww-we’ve had nothing but amazing things said about you. Thank you for everything-it was great to have you as part of our day. Great for us too-first time we had wee Scots lassies a-dancing and a-jigging to our toons x

From Moldova, Portugal and Manchester this wedding had a wonderful warmth-shown when each guest had to be snapped with the happy couple & the Russians burst into song and dance to our Russian Medley–after 30 years it was worth the wait. Wonderful couple and such a pleasure to play for -stay in touch and much love from all of us.

With our leader Sarah in viola, our former leader on fiddle with Poppy , Rob on cello and dear Julie on flute-no surprise all went swimmingly for this team –and the rains kept off too. Have a great future Laura & Josh–a long drive but well worth it !

Any crowd bursting into song with ‘Chapel of Love’ before the ceremony & after Verdi & Puccini shows it’s willingness to have fun. And when Debbie chastised the charisma0less registrar for mispronoucing her name for the third time-and on the fifth turned to ‘Ask a Friend’, we knew we were playing for our sorts of people. A great occasion, despite the tribulations of loading in at Chester Town Hall. But Brendan was so helpful and after all, we had SEMAY with us after 6 years Hooray,x Ta for coming down from Falkirk x Thanks Dears for letting us play for you

OK–it rained, in fact it poured but hey presto–we played in the marquee at this lovely place out in the countryside, micced up and dry and the guests and lovely couple were all fine. Quick panic at the possibility our blue tops might’ve been the wrong ones. But no-everything was spot on at this wonderful weather-defying wedding, Clouds in the sky but nowhere else–just marital bliss for a beautiful , friendly happy couple. Have a great life together x

Amazing weather outside for Anne Marie and Stephen and definitely cooler inside for the ceremony. Fab friendly guests and a stunning blingy set up–we were with the happy couple till they finished their afternoon tea–a lovely way to spend a day . Thanks both of you x

Honestly thank you so much, you were truly wonderful and set the tone for what was a perfect day. You are truly a class act. Love from the new Mr and Mrs Callender xxxxx She is one of the nicest brides ever who spent 10 minutes before going in for her her meal thanking us for simply doing the job she requested. Unforgettably lovely . Thanks so much

Paul & Ashley Whiteside married in Missouri last week but coming from Liverpool, Dad Clive & Mum Barbara wanted their nearest & dearest to celebrate too. So we all had a delightful evening at the Liver Building-no ceremony, just a warm, friendly party for which we were lucky enough to play. MD David remembered us from Doubletree Chester, Faye Connor-one of our brides 2 years ago-is the Liver event manager so yep–we were there. It was really lovely & the journey from Wales, thanks to the Mersey Tunnel, was a doddle. A day to remember–health, happiness and safety to you all.

It was amazing the guests thought it was a perfect addition to the day. James said he knew I’d do something but didn’t expect that!Thanks again!!
Emma Chapman’s lovely pink & grey wedding at Faenol Fawr Barn was the first of two wonderful occasions for us today. Have a great future together -thanks for having us

Stunning couple, stunning hotel, stunning view of Windermere from every angle. Kate & guests arrived by boat, we had wonderful shelter -rain held off till they went in to eat. Just a brilliant day all round-thanks for having us