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Gwen’s suprise 80th in Acton really was a surprise for her though it had been planned for over a year ! Her sister sang and we played from a beautifully selected playlist to a lovely group of family and friends.AND we enjoyed the oatcakes too.Stuart ad Leonora really looked after us-a lovely Sunday afternoon out in Staffs Thanks for having us x

32 guests, Maria in bright blue short dress & Terence in his civvies-what a ball we had on a MONDAY afternoon. A friendly, whacky crowd plus super staff to work with-this was a one-off special -thanks both of you for having us x

AN amazing wedding -Andrew Foster formerly Crewe Events boss now as Deputy Registrar ran the ceremony impeccably, loads of readings and fun. Then accompanied by a gorgeous child on tambour we played for their Cavalier Ceremony -Swords raised on entering the Chapel ! What a start to the year – Good luck in your new loved-up life–xxxxx

A blazing log fire,real candles,subtle Xmas decorations & super staff greeted us and we had a ball. We set up and first time ever in Crewe Hall , didn’t have to re-locate . Instead we enjoyed the company and requests of a really lovely crowd of guests. A happy life and super 2020 to both of you

Utterly blissful singing from 350 people- kids, adults, dogs and babes at the breast –raised £1250

for the Christie-fantastic fun . thank you

met 2019 slade
350 people , kids, babes, dogs et al singing their hearts out ion the best Met Carols ever–thank you so much you were great

Thanks to everyone who helped raise £1000for seven local causes–just wonderful

2 Days De Trafford 2019
We raised £1000 for 7 local causes-ta to all concerned -the punters, our wonderful sponsor Paul Robinson, Gill & Hannah from De Trafford, Andy for coming up from Oxford and all our players and supporters THANK YOU . You were swell

THis delightful wedding was held in the Galloping Major Restaurant- where we played from welcoming the guests through the ceremony into the drinks in perfect comfort. Fab friendly people and little Oscar who just loves ‘This is Me’! A pleasure for us-I hope they felt the same ! xxx Claire looked stunning

First time for us in 39 years -Abbey & Wilson had their beloved dog at the ceremony and reception ! Well behaved but only really calm during the music !! That was really lovely Abbey and you looked really great. Thanks for having us