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32 guests, Maria in bright blue short dress & Terence in his civvies-what a ball we had on a MONDAY afternoon. A friendly, whacky crowd plus super staff to work with-this was a one-off special -thanks both of you for having us x

AN amazing wedding -Andrew Foster formerly Crewe Events boss now as Deputy Registrar ran the ceremony impeccably, loads of readings and fun. Then accompanied by a gorgeous child on tambour we played for their Cavalier Ceremony -Swords raised on entering the Chapel ! What a start to the year – Good luck in your new loved-up life–xxxxx

A blazing log fire,real candles,subtle Xmas decorations & super staff greeted us and we had a ball. We set up and first time ever in Crewe Hall , didn’t have to re-locate . Instead we enjoyed the company and requests of a really lovely crowd of guests. A happy life and super 2020 to both of you

Utterly blissful singing from 350 people- kids, adults, dogs and babes at the breast –raised £1250

for the Christie-fantastic fun . thank you

met 2019 slade
350 people , kids, babes, dogs et al singing their hearts out ion the best Met Carols ever–thank you so much you were great

Thanks to everyone who helped raise £1000for seven local causes–just wonderful

2 Days De Trafford 2019
We raised £1000 for 7 local causes-ta to all concerned -the punters, our wonderful sponsor Paul Robinson, Gill & Hannah from De Trafford, Andy for coming up from Oxford and all our players and supporters THANK YOU . You were swell

THis delightful wedding was held in the Galloping Major Restaurant- where we played from welcoming the guests through the ceremony into the drinks in perfect comfort. Fab friendly people and little Oscar who just loves ‘This is Me’! A pleasure for us-I hope they felt the same ! xxx Claire looked stunning

First time for us in 39 years -Abbey & Wilson had their beloved dog at the ceremony and reception ! Well behaved but only really calm during the music !! That was really lovely Abbey and you looked really great. Thanks for having us

Mian Shuttleworth booked us months ago for the 20th anniversary party of Xinlung & it was really fab up there on the 8th floor looking over Piccadilly Gardens’ Christmas lights. The crowd -led by table 16- sang their hearts out during dinner & everyone was both taken aback but thrilled to bits. Ta Tom & Mian for having us