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It was wonderful-we all loved it. Very lucky to have you as friends. Thank you to all-it means a lot, Fay, to give our residents a little bit of something special x ‘ Angela Luckett-Belong Morris Feinmann House.. March 18th, 2024

A stunning chupa & altogether jolly affair at Merrydale for Mandy 7 Andy’s fab wedding. With Serge & Oshy- a great event-ta for having us.
Proud dad Larry Pollock added,’The music was just wonderful !’

Back at West Tower after quite a few years for Nic & Lisa’s brown-themed wedding-it was lovely, staff were too and we matched in brown glitz !

A fab occasion for us all–‘Many thanks for the entertainment before, during and after the Awards,the 3rd Awards,the first I have organised.I believe everyone enjoyed themselves–thanks again–Sue

Thank you Fay – it was the most perfect day. Debbie and Paul had a fantastic time – Carlton Ensemble were the icing on the cake! – Debbie, it was such a lovely event to be part of-ta for having us Debbie & Paul

‘Thank you so much for yesterday Fay-we’re absolutely over the moon!’..Scott & Emma Sharrock @ Midland Hotel Manchester June 29th,2023
Scott brought us back to our former stomping ground for his wedding at the Midland-lovely occasion, fab guests & musical choices–we loved being part of your day –stay healthy and happy

You guys did such a great job, everyone told us how impressed they were. Emily & Ed Busby had super guests, super musical choices & and a fab wedding at Inglewood manor

I’ll be sure to recommend to others.

Thank you so so much!! The Ensemble were absolutely outstanding and it was a pleasure to meet you after all these years xxxx

We were the surprise for Judith at Menorah & it was a delight to play for her & her family & guests. Ta Ric for having us xxxx
Fay thanks so much for helping make Mum’s party so special for her. The mixture of music you chose & played across the genres was perfect & ensured there was a lovely atmosphere in the room. Thanks again to you & the Carlton Ensemble….
Ric Stone @ Judith’s 80th @ Menorah Synagogue

Accompanying Serge & Oshy for Binny & Jenny’s super do at Wrenbury Hall-magnificent people, guests & flowers-memorable !
From Binny-It was lovely-thanks so much for your contribution. You guys played beautifully