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Thanks so much for tonight Fay. Everyone loved it. Glad your journey home was a lot easier than getting there. Lovely occasion–but the 35 minute pourney took 2 hours 25 minutes & without pal Loretta’s help plus that of the Wonderful Womble of Walken aka Mark in shorts, beer belly and great humour, I’d still be on the M60 or in Monton !!11

The Carlton Ensemble played at our company event in Mottram Hall on Friday. They were amazing. We had visitors from all over the world and they were all astounded by how fantastic they were. Fay arranged an absolutely perfect play list for us, taking our likes and dislikes, considering all the different nationalities, making suggestions and offering advice. It really added a sense of occasion to the whole event. People were tapping and singing/humming along to the music. When they finished they got a standing ovation. Without exception, everyone commented how amazing the strings and flute were. I am so glad we booked them and I would recommend them to anyone!

From our side–well, what a wonderful occasion to be involved in–Emelyn and Annika had planned lovely music for this Ossur company dinner with Norwegians, Danes, Dutch and Anglofolk . Mottram staff were super & we got a hug from Connor in charge. Julie & Solomon depped last minute & it all went swimmingly . Wow !

The BEST ever Metro singing in over 30 years at the Nose, Assembly & here, immaculate seating plan from Mel & staging by Stewart, the place crammed to capacity–I had to nip home for the kids’ musical toys I’d forgotten, but it all worked out just great. Last year we helped raise £1500 for the Christie-this year hopefully it’ll be more. A good start was Joe. our trombone’s refusal to take any money so more stayed in the charity box.A wonderful start to Christmas & 2019

Actually it’s really £870 made for local charities -a small attendance as so many were away but those present were very committed. Gill Lee of the De Trafford Arms & her great staff , sponsor Paul Robinson of Robinsons’ Breweries & our lovely group had ’em well fed, watered and singing & stomping . Our 38 th event has putover 37K in local charity coffers and we’re nay complaining .Thanks to every one & happy Christmas & New Year 2019.

Sophie wrote,’Thank you for setting the scene for our special night’ and it was specail for us too, How fab to play for the Mundin family Tony, Sophie & Louis for their opening of the REX CINEMA in Wilmslow. Dab hands at reviving the old ‘flix’, the end result last night was superb & we wish them well . Congrats to Wilmslow on regaining a local treasure and in the safest ofhands too. Fab films to follow-not many clients ply us with Moet do they !

It may have been cold & rainy outside but the atmosphere at Harriet’s wonderful wedding was fab. She told Heather, ‘Everyone thought you were great–the music was lovely!’ Ta, Harriet.

Lauren & Charles xxx A really really pretty, friendly wedding at Mitton Hall attended by great staff & loads of chatty guests. Lauren’s dress was superb and guess what, we wore the same outfits as last Saturday too !
This just arrived -ust a quick email to say a big thank you to you all for the music. You were amazing and everyone enjoyed it!

Delightful, tasteful & not many brides opt for a short, stylish grey silk wedding dress do they–but Sarah did. Matt promised a few tears & kept his word during a beautiful warm ceremony . The musical choices ranged from Couperin to Guns ‘n Roses. A chilly yet sunny day –we hope to see you both again xxxx
This just arrived from Matt’s parents-so lovely–he was last Saturday’s groom -‘Good afternoon – as Matthew’s parents we were at his wedding last Saturday and were so
pleased that he and Sarah had booked you to play at the wedding. They may have contacted you separately but we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your music. Many memories are associated with music and you added another layer to our enjoyment of a wonderful day. Thank you again. …Frances and Ian Smith

Onstage @ Chester Town Hall for the farewell dinner for Royal Engineers 75 Regiment’s Commanding Officer. Ta  Wes, Patrick & Dave for your support-not often we play for guys in spurs ! We’re glad you recognised our rendition of your marching song ‘Wings’. ‘

A wonderfully warn family atmosphere at Louise & James’ wedding. Her little girl was over the  moon to have a new Daddy & Charlotte from Crabwall Manor was fantasticv to work with.Great stuff mopre please